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    System design (4 Posts)

  • Hilly Hilly @ 3:50 PM
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    System design

    I need to put a need mechanical room at the end of this week. There was a big oil spill and they just have the cement poured so in two days he'll be looking to have his electrical upgrade done (insurance company) and wants the heating to be put back with an electric boiler.
    Here's the stats:
    Zone 1: 18700
    Zone 2: 19100
    Zone 3: 20500
    Total: 58400
    I was going to go with zone valves, a 1" main trunk, with 1"X.75" tee's for the zone valve headers. I'll try and attach a little sketch. This is a Slant/Fin Boiler. There specs call for a bypass line, can anyone comment if that is totally necessary? If so what is the reasoning? Does the boiler heat up and turn on the circulator with a low limit is reach, and this bypass prevents the circ from pumping again 3 closed zone valves?
    In my sketch I'd left out the bypass loop, and the low water cut-off, where would be the best placement for that?
  • Hilly Hilly @ 9:00 PM
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    head loss

    I've seen a few different theory's that are all in the same ballpark. But what do you guys recommend for estimating head loss here? Do you like the idea of length X 1.5 X .04?
    Right now the three zone I'm tying into are all 3/4" and mostly buried, if I got back on location I could probably make a very good guess at home many elbows and are buried in the floors. But currently it's 3 zones that all loop the perimeters of the house; one on each level. So it's basically 120 feet perimeter tubing + some elbows and some up and downs around doorways + risers to and from the basement.
    Also can I get a little nudge in the right direction for establishing 'my system curve' so I can pick the best pump for the job.
  • Zman Zman @ 8:41 AM
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    What kijnd..

    What is the boiler?
    Are these baseboard heaters in series?
    What does your local code say about LWCO
  • Hilly Hilly @ 9:04 AM
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    3 series loops

    Monitron II by Slant/Fin
    No lwco requirement. I meant to say flow switch.
    It is three series loop zones piped in parallel.
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