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  • Dan Foley Dan Foley @ 7:06 AM
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    Siggy in DC

    ACCA - National Capital Chapter is hosting a John Siegenthaler seminar on October 3.  The title of the seminar is The Latest Trends and Technology for Hydronic Heating and Cooling.  The seminar is sponsored by Triangle Tube and will be held at Thos Somerville Co. Chantilly branch.  A flyer is attached.

    Course Description:

    A one-day course, taught by an expert in the field:
    Hydraulic Separation
    beyond primary / secondary pumping
    shows how to achieve all the benefits of primary / secondary piping, with simpler, low cost approaches
    Distribution efficiency & low power pumping
    this topic proves that, and shows ways to significantly lower the parasitic operating cost of hyrdonics, especially in comparison to forces air heat delivery
    Air-to water heat pumps
    discuss how to operate and shows several ways to connect them with contemporary hydronic distribution systems
    Small scaled chilled water cooling
    you will learn several novel approaches using the latest hydronic design techniques and hardware options
    Low mass/low temperature distribution systems
    examples of hydronic heating meeting the needs of low energy use buildings
    Instantaneous DHW using renewables + electricity
    the methods discussed produce heated water faster than gas-fired tankless heaters, and are simple to install and maintain.

    Hope to see you there!

    - DF
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