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    gas conversion in weil mclain sgo3 oil (8 Posts)

  • Paul Paul @ 6:23 PM
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    gas conversion in weil mclain sgo3 oil

    do i have to have a dual action barometric with spill switch if i convert a wm oilboiler with a ez gas burner. can i remove the barometric completely and have just strait flue pipe into a lined chimney?
  • JStar JStar @ 8:10 PM
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    You need the double swing damper. If not, you will be losing a few points of efficiency, and the burner may misfire occasionally. Spill switch is code but nobody seems to follow it except a few of us here.
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  • Tim McElwain Tim McElwain @ 9:33 PM
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    The double swing

    barometric is required by Carlin per their instructions. The purpose is to insure that a downdraft, back-draft does not enter the combustion chamber but dumps into the room. This is a safety issue as far as the gas system goes. It also allows you to have adequate draft and as Jstar said it helps efficiency.
  • Paul Paul @ 12:27 PM
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    gas gun

    thx for responses. the boiler is 7 years old steam and i didnt want to replace the whole boiler. the gun looks to be a good option. it should save money on fuel and install costs. any approx. savings?
  • BobC BobC @ 3:41 PM
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    The bill should be a lot lower

    When my oil tank started to go I had everything removed and replaced with a Smith G8-3 with the Carlin EzGas. The Burnham V75 boiler was to big for the house and at 16 years old not worth trying to retrofit.

    Last year I saved 42% over what the oil rig would have cost. I just changed the orifice on the EzGas so I could fire it to match my heating load and the boilers efficiency went up to 84% and will only burn at about 75% of what it did last year so this year I should see more savings.

    Smith G8-3 with EZ Gas @ 84,200 BTU, Single pipe steam

    Vaporstat with a 12oz cut-out and 4oz cut-in

    3PSI gauge
  • JeffM JeffM @ 9:38 AM
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    significant savings

    I have just wrapped up the first year after getting my SGO-5 converted from oil to gas with a Carlin EZ-Gas gun. I don't have the exact numbers handy, but my fuel cost over the past 12 months is only 50-60% what I spent on oil the previous year. I'll have the conversion cost paid back within 3 years, so I'm happy with the switch.
  • Javid Javid @ 12:31 PM
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    Weil McLain ultra 155 gas condensing boiler

    I have the ultra 155 condensing boiler and it was running on propane . I need to run this boiler on Natural gas what is the difference in size of the gas and propane .
    Also if I need one for Natural gas where I can get one for this boiler Please Help
  • Jean-David Beyer Jean-David Beyer @ 1:15 PM
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    I need to run this boiler on Natural gas

    The installation manual says all you have to do is change the orifice disk between the gas valve and the venturi. This is a brass disk with a hole in it, and is numbered for the boiler size, the fuel type, and whether it is for high altitude of not. There is a factory kit for this. I do not know what is in the kit, but surely there is the orifice disk, and probably some O-rings.

    The manual does not say so, but I assume you will do a combustion test after changing this.

    I worry if you do not know where to get the kit that you may not have the training and equipment needed to do the job, especially the combustion test. If you do not do this kind job as a regular thing, you may wish to get a suitable professional.
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