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    iseries and transformer (2 Posts)

  • NathanVt NathanVt @ 9:39 PM
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    iseries and transformer

    I am looking at using the 4-way iseries in my setup with a ZVC406 and am looking at what my options are for the 24V power input on the iseries. Can I draw off the ZVC406 without an external transformer, utilize the R and C 24VAC (designated as being for thermostat power) on my WM97+ low voltage panel, or will I have to use an external transformer?
  • kcopp kcopp @ 9:13 PM
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    You can use ....

    the 24 terminals off the Taco SR control. I have done this before w/o any issues. The zvc control is a maybe. It depends on how many and much the zone valves draw off. 
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