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    Poor Mans Insulation (6 Posts)

  • ALIGA ALIGA @ 5:39 PM
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    Poor Mans Insulation

    started the boiler room insulation with r30 fiberglass and duct tape.


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  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 5:43 PM
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    Please note

    The Kraft paper on that is not fire rated and poses a risk of spreading fire. Also note compressed insulation has very low R rating.
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  • ALIGA ALIGA @ 6:31 PM
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    thank you Charlie

    kraft paper has been removed, replaced with foil tape.
  • ChrisJ ChrisJ @ 9:57 AM
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    But do you still have R30 compressed down to something like R5?
    In order for R30 to be R30 it must be its full expanded thickness.
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  • gerry gill gerry gill @ 8:46 PM
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    Give me a flippin break.

    Why don't you just use the proper stuff.
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  • ALIGA ALIGA @ 7:30 AM
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    What's wrong

    I have read people doing the same on the forums. Plus I had extra batting laying around.
    It is a pain to wrap. I have about 40 feet if mains to cover, I will go ahead and order the pipe insulation in 1 inch.
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