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    Lochinvar Knight Hex ?? (14 Posts)

  • Stekay Stekay @ 7:43 PM
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    Lochinvar Knight Hex ??

    Does the KBN still have the Gianonni water tube hex and only the WH has the firetube hex?
    Also, does anyone have a recommendation for an installer in Western Suffolk county for TT Prestige or the WH? Hopefully someone invested in and who knows how to use a combustion analyzer. Thanks in advance
  • Steve Whitbeck Steve Whitbeck @ 9:40 PM
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    The WHN has the new ( and better ) fire tube heat exchanger.

    The KBN has the water tube design.
  • Stekay Stekay @ 7:39 AM
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    Contractor Western Suffolk

    Thanks Steve. I've checked "Find a Contractor", but none in my area do residential gas, so I need a recommendation for someone technically familiar with the Triangle Prestige Solo or Lochinvar WHN and their Smart System.
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 9:01 AM
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    We can help out with that,we're in Port Jeff
  • Steve Whitbeck Steve Whitbeck @ 11:06 PM
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    Wish I could help but I am in West Michigan.
  • Stekay Stekay @ 8:00 AM
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    Contractor Experience

    The first quote I got from a contractor recommended from the distributor, I was asked if I wanted the floor or wall model. I said the wall model because of the hex design (which I had learned here), he insisted they were both identical. I said what you confirmed about fire tube vs water tube. "Nope they're both identical, I've been installing Lochinvar for 30 yrs". Then w/o even looking at the size of the existing boiler (96K btu) "I'll put you down for the 155k."
    I said this is only a 96k, he replied it'll modulate down.
    Like buying a car, this is the most frustrating part of a new boiler. I just want a great install of a solid piece of equipment.
  • Zman Zman @ 8:49 AM
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    I have never heard of sizing boilers that way. You should really have a heat loss done ( or do one yourself) if your existing boiler is sized correctly you will need the 85k because you derate the less for efficiencys . That is a big if. Have a heat loss done
  • Stekay Stekay @ 1:09 PM
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    Heat Loss Calc

    I did do one myself using an online calculator and conservatively got 99K btu. I currently have a Dunkirk Quantum Leap 95 condensing boiler which is failing (leaking from a crack) after a lifetime of issues. I'm looking for someone to come for an estimate and do what you guys say: "OK first thing I need to do is a room by room heat loss calculation". Then be familiar with the TT or WHN so the piping, pump sizing, etc. are as it was designed to be for that unit. It seems that's asking a lot these days.
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 3:55 PM
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    No way is it 99K
  • Jeff W Jeff W @ 4:56 PM
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    WB vs. WH

    There are still 2 types of wall-hung boilers. The wall-mount (WB) has the Giannoni. The wall-hung (WH) has the fire tube.
  • Stekay Stekay @ 7:59 PM
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    You're Right

    Rob, you're correct. It was a boiler sizing calculator, not a heat loss calculator. My mistake.
    But I still need a recommendation for an installer.
  • Aaron_in_Maine Aaron_in_Maine @ 10:07 PM
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    Call Technical Heating

    Call Technical Heating Long Island. Mr O'Brien won't steer you wrong.
  • Stekay Stekay @ 7:18 AM
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    Thank You

    Thanks Aaron, I'll call him today
  • Stekay Stekay @ 11:57 AM
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    Got a call back and same day appointment with Robert. He not only answered my questions but did a good job of explaining theory and why. I have an appointment for install (TT Prestige Solo 60) next Friday. I'll update after I live with it awhile.
    Thanks again. -Steve
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