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    consultation on old steam system eastern connecticut area (5 Posts)

  • Gaskets Gaskets @ 7:55 PM
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    consultation on old steam system eastern connecticut area

    Old steam system with two end of the line poorly functioning radiators, not part of original system that have defied attempts to make them work at least adequately. Looking for someone to consult (come to Willimantic, CT) with contractor with experience with steam to brainstorm.
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 8:12 PM
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    2cold rads

    Can you tell us what has been done so far? One-pipe or two?
    Have you tried the find a contractor section here.
    As always, pictures are worth thousands of words!--NBC
  • Gaskets Gaskets @ 9:19 AM
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    Willimantic, ct steam radiator s problem

    The steam system in Willimantic, Ct is a one pipe counterflow distribution system. The two radiators in question are located near the end of a long main and are in a annex that was built after the main house. There is a condensate return located at the end of the main. The steam condensate runs back to the boiler.
  • steamfitter steamfitter @ 6:29 PM
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    old steam system

    Is the main steam vent working properly?
    A counterflow system has limitations on how long the main can be run due to the fact that you need pitch back to the boiler.( 1" per 20 ft.). Sounds like it may be too long a run. Did the radiators work properly before? If there is a condensate return at the end of the main then the pitch should go towards it and that would make it a parallel system.
    In either case, I would check the main air vent. Is the main getting hot all the way through? If it is then check the radiator vents as well as the rads pitch back to the rad valves.
  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 8:32 AM
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    I service CT

    Call me
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

    cell # 413-841-6726
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