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    stainless steel Leaking Indirects (4 Posts)

  • Hvac tech Hvac tech @ 6:08 AM
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    stainless steel Leaking Indirects

    Is there a stainless steel indirect that doesnt leak after a couple of years. I had switched to Lochinvar Squire but had a leaker after 2 years. The Buderus that looked like the boiler seemed the most reliable to me. Lochinvar told me that it probably was just a bad weld or glass coating. I always come off all tank connections with brass first then switch to copper or black on the boiler in and out. Domestic side brass to copper then pex. Exspanion tank.
  • kcopp kcopp @ 7:24 AM
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    SS indirect...

    water heater don't have a glass coating. I have started using the Weil Mclain Aqua-plus water htrs. They have an anode rod in them to combat  w/ the corrosion process.
  • Eric Eric @ 4:22 PM
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    I have installed.....

    several hundred Triangle Tube Smart series indirects and have never had one leak...

    several Super Stor indirects and have never had one leak....

    a few Crown indirects and have never had one leak...

    years ago (about 15-20) Amtrol had a design flaw and we had almost all leakers after a few years on their WH-7P... they re-designed their coil, and paid labor to replace... was good about it and I continued to install them until the digital smart controls all died due to internal relays that failed... Very few covered under warranty... moved over to TT and haven't looked back.

    I like them as their a tank within a tank, not a coil and have very low pressure drop.
  • Tom Tom @ 5:54 PM
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    Read the directions...

    I apparently missed the part about making sure to put a potable expansion tank on when you are on a city service, or if there is a check valve between tank and house expansion tank. So when that 80+ lbs hammers on and off when a valve is turned off and on in the house it apparently destroys the seals on the PLUS tanks or tank within the tank design. I found that out the hard way. They still warrantied it but you only get one replacement.
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