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    I'm finishing up the seminar part of our business. (25 Posts)

  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 4:11 PM
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    I'm finishing up the seminar part of our business.

    I'm going to do two more years and then shut up. I'll still be writing (if you keep reading) and I'll have more time to do things with this site that I've been wanting to try. That's my idea of retirement; I'm going to be reading and writing. I'll be 66 in two years and that's enough.

    So as I move through these cities during the next two years it will most likely be for the last time in those places. It's been a grand run and I'm looking forward to bringing it to a close in two years. I hope we get a chance to spend some time together between now and then.

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    Hug your kids.
  • bill nye bill nye @ 6:46 PM
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    Sure was fun.

    Dan, I truly enjoyed every opportunity I have had to attend your seminars. 

    I was in Groton, Ct. with Bob Hot Rod Rohr last night. I told him about the time you gave a hydronic sermon for about 3 or 4 people. I think I first met Hot Rod at wet stock # 1. How long ago was that ? Dan , you touched a lot of people and caused them to learn and grow. Thank you. The first website I ever went to on the internet was Heating Help . Com . back in the wild frontier days, then it was on to area 51 .............
  • R Mannino R Mannino @ 8:17 PM
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    A Little Sad to Hear

    My boss and I always try to attend any event we are able to that Mr. Holohan is going to speak. He was certainly given a gift that we have enjoyed. Like they say all good things must come to an end. On the bright side, I have two years left.........
  • Larry Weingarten Larry Weingarten @ 12:34 AM
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    Fair Warning

    Thanks for the warning Dan.  I can only guess how much work it is to put on seminars. 

    So, here's an idea.  Why not film the ones coming up and get them on DVD or download so we all can continue to learn?  A good film guy and some editing can go a long way! 

    Now we just need a title.... "The Virtual Dan Series"   :~)

    Yours,  Larry
    ps.  Hope you're headed West for a seminar or two.
  • MikeyB MikeyB @ 4:54 AM
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    Looking forward to going to another seminar or two, thanks Dan 
  • Ron Jr. Ron Jr. @ 5:05 PM
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    It's very bittersweet you're going to retire from doing seminars . But you have more than earned it  !

    Needless to say you have made me the installer I am today . In more ways than one . And I'm very glad you're not going into full retirement anytime soon my good friend ! 
  • I'd have to go along

    with Ron to say that your knowledge lit a fire in me and it's still burning.

    And along with Larry that we'd like to see you out West, business or pleasure.

    Often wrong, never in doubt.
  • John Mills John Mills @ 5:39 PM
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    Disappointing news

    I was looking forward to hear you last weekend in Indy so hopefully will still have a chance before you retire. You are one of the tops in the trade. On another internet forum, the question was asked who we most admire in the industry - you got my vote. Keep writing so I can still get my monthly Dan fix!
  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 5:43 PM
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    This will be a loss

    hopefully someone can step in to fill those BIG shoes!
    "Reducing our country's energy consumption, one system at a time"

    Steam, Vapor & Hot-Water Heating Specialists

    Oil & Gas Burner Service

    Baltimore, MD (USA) and consulting anywhere.
  • Tim_Hodgson Tim_Hodgson @ 6:21 PM
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    Thank you

    for all the great stories. I'm glad they will still be waiting for me each month. I am sorry you will not be getting out to the west coast as often. I don't blame you for wanting to end the  seminar routine. Thank you for encouraging me to dig through the boxes of books my employer kept and introducing me to "The Dead Guys".

    Best wishes,

    Timothy Hodgson
  • VA_Bear VA_Bear @ 9:05 AM
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    I like Larry's idea...

    Take the best of several Seminars and put together a DVD and textbook package. I would buy that now, especially since the chances of my making one of your seminars live is slim. What are the chances Dan?
  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 9:11 AM
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    We'll see next year. Still have two years to go and I'm going to enjoy them. 
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    Hug your kids.
  • Steve Thompson (Taco) Steve Thompson (Taco) @ 9:48 AM
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    Say It Isn't So

    Well, I get the part that you will have more time to "hug your kids".

    Your last session (damn, this still hasn't set in) will be a very special event to be sure (kind of like your very first Power Point presentation :-)).  Thank you Dan for all you have done for our industry - you are a true hydronic icon and always will be.  Unfortunate the new guys coming into the business (hopefully) will not have the opportunity to here "Dan the Man" live.

    Thanks for the advanced warning - and good food for thought for all of us "aging" hydronic guys - this wonderful thing we are all part of won't last for ever - have fun while you can...
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 4:54 PM
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    Last Waltz?

    So,is the last waltz on LI,where it all started?
  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 2:30 PM
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    I'd like that.

    Seems appropriate. 
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    Hug your kids.
  • Thanks,

    For all you do Dan, I feel bad for the mechanics who won't get to share some of your knowledge.
    Thanks, Bob Gagnon
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 8:59 PM
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    Training the novices

    At least the Wall must go on, for bringing light into the darkness of steam/hot water ignorance!--NBC
  • KeithC KeithC @ 12:58 AM
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    I second the idea of filming your last seminars in HD. It's incredibly valuable information and should be preserved for younger people in the industry.

  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 2:31 PM
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    Thanks for all the good vibes.

    I hope we get to see each other during the coming months. 
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    Hug your kids.
  • Stephen Minnich Stephen Minnich @ 1:31 PM
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    Thank you.

    Impactful. Inspirational. Educational. All with a sense of enjoyment.
    It's all in the details.
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  • JohnNY JohnNY @ 7:44 AM
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    "Steam Troubleshooter"

    This has been a remarkably busy heating season, so please forgive my late reply to this thread.

    A couple years after being appropriately enlightened by The Lost Art of Steam Heating, I attended my first steam heating classes. Here is the certificate from what was probably my first Dan Holohan seminar 17 years ago.

    Brings back memories.

    Over the years, I've met some pretty incredible people at those seminars and have kept in touch as best I could. We've learned from each other and helped each other through some pretty intense challenges and changes in our professional and personal lives. You've built a community here that I'm honored to be a part of.

    Dan, you've helped me grow my business and you've brought me to a better understanding of the systems I come in contact with nearly every day. I owe my reputation to you, and my gratitude can not be expressed for what you've put into this industry. I'm only glad to have been around to get to know your work and you, personally, these past ~20 years.

    I wish all the best for you and your incredible family in the future.

    Thanks for...well... everything.
  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 8:53 AM
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    And I could not wish for a better friend.

    Thank YOU for the education, John, and in so many ways. 
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    Hug your kids.
  • BillW BillW @ 10:17 AM
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    "The last run"

    I second the "Dan in a Can" DVD idea. Doing seminars is grueling, and nobody can keep it going forever. You certainly have made a great difference in the heating industry, and we thank you for it. As long as "The Wall" remains, it still can be a source of education and inspiration to current and future Wetheads. Thanks!
  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 10:22 AM
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    Thanks, Bill.

    And thanks for sharing your knowledge with us for so many years. I've learned so much from you. 
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    Hug your kids.
  • geothermal geothermal @ 11:07 AM
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    It's a partial wrap

    Hi Dan:
    No one deserves to get time off more than you and the lovely Marianne. The industry of energy comfort and efficiency has never had anyone with the level of expertise and commitment to explain concepts which are only normal at MIT, and, yes, this Old House of God can still hear the priest from the pulpit comfortably thanks to you.
    I am glad to see that you are getting an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and hope that you will be able to continue those parts of your enterprise which are less stressful than travelling with all of your equipment. Thanks for all that you do!
    Henry Q.
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