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    What's the thingamabobbie? (6 Posts)

  • John Mills John Mills @ 2:56 PM
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    What's the thingamabobbie?

    Not a good picture but any ideas what the contraption is on the supply of this old installation? 
  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 9:45 PM
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    air separator?
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  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 9:46 PM
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    Hydronic UFO

    This could have been a relocated steam boiler complete with some sort of steam dryer, still atatched?
    It's nice to see the Teflon tape dangling from the joint, like toilet paper from the night club peoples shoes.--NBC
  • bill nye bill nye @ 9:56 PM
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    looks more like

    Looks like romex wire taped to the gas pipe.  I am guessing vertical air separator or an everhot steam separator like NBC mentioned.
  • bill bill @ 10:44 PM
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    I noticed the rust stain below the discharge pipe. I wonder where the expansion tank is. Or in other words, beats me:)
  • Steve Whitbeck Steve Whitbeck @ 11:08 PM
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    air sep

    If you are talking about the red cast iron thingy - It is an air separator. there should be a 3/4 inch pipe that runs up hill to a compression tank at the ceiling. 
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