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    Thermostat for radiant and forced air (6 Posts)

  • djohn djohn @ 3:31 PM
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    Thermostat for radiant and forced air

    1. 3 zone hydronic floor heating, 3 zone pumps, 1 primary pump. Lochinvar Knight 155 mod-con. Basement slab, 1st floor and 2nd floor (extruded plates, insulated). Oversized boiler because of drive-under garage that might get additional modine heater.
    2. 3 zone forced air heat and cool. Trane XV95 (2 stage), 3.5 ton AC.
    No controls installed yet. House is very well insulated. Leaning towards Honeywell Tru Zone.

    No idea if such a thing exists, but here it goes:
    1. Centralized (if possible) - 1 nice display panel, with multiple sensors for multiple zones.
    2. Operating both forced air and hydronic. And dehu/circ. Trane furnace has variable speed fan and electronic cleaner that can circulates at very low speed, all the time.
    3. Wifi enabled so it can be tinkered with from sofa or 2,000 miles away.
    4. Forced air would be used between April and October and radiant November-March. Although recirc through forced air would be nice year round.

    Above alone might give me a negative answer.
    If that's the case, and I have to use separate controls for hydronic and forced air, I would like to see my options too.
  • Eric Eric @ 4:14 PM
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    Is the Lochinvar only doing the 3-zones of radiant now or also hot water? and what do you have for hot water if so?
  • djohn djohn @ 11:22 AM
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    just heat

    Lochinvar does just the heat. Hot water is handled through tankless water heater.
  • djohn djohn @ 4:35 PM
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    Anyone with situation like me or helping someone like me?

    I am looking at Honeywell Redlink now.
    Ecobee looks like no-zoning product. Would love to have it's reporting though.
  • djohn djohn @ 12:23 AM
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    It looks like 3 Ecobees (1 per zone) will do what I need.

    Anyone here has experience with them? Slab sensors? Additional sensors or equipment?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 12:43 AM
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    Tekmar can do this

    I'm not intimate with their lineup, but you get what you pay for:  They can do it and a mere mortal can install and commission what they ship.
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