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    Thermostat help (3 Posts)

  • Andrew boiler Andrew boiler @ 7:46 AM
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    Thermostat help

    Hi I just got power back 1 this morning and my thermostat says it's 69 I have it set at 68 it's very cold I don't want it to turn it up please help me
  • Gordy Gordy @ 8:34 PM
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    How long was the power off?
    What type of heating? Hot water? Steam?
    Do you have Radiators? Or radiant Heat?

    Was 69 comfortable before, and always your t stat setting?
  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 9:30 PM
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    And an obvious question...

    is the boiler running?  Does it run if you turn up the thermostat?

    If not, what was the power problem?  Is there a manual reset required on the boiler?  Did it lock out for some reason (if oil, did the burner lose prime, for instance?).  Was there a surge along with the power outage?  If there was, did it fry something?

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