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    zero PSI/ drained system (2 Posts)

  • santogallego santogallego @ 7:17 PM
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    zero PSI/ drained system

    We had a rad refurbished recently, and in order to disconnect the unit, we needed to drain the system. Have reattached the rad and tried to bleed the system but nothing coming out. Checked the gauge and it's reading zero PSI. I believe the water valves are turned on. Thoughts on how to fix this? Cheers.
  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 7:40 PM
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    Sounds more like hot water

    than steam...

    But anyway, assuming it is hot water, if the feed valve is open you should see pressure build as water flows into the system.  If not, it seems to this simple-minded fellow that either there is another valve in there which is closed still -- or the water is going out as fast as it is going in.

    If it is steam, you should see water rise in the sight glass, sooner or later.  But then, if it is steam, there was no need to drain to replace the radiator...

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