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    Radiator flushing problem (4 Posts)

  • destinylkp destinylkp @ 9:36 PM
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    Radiator flushing problem

    My husband and I bought our 1st house in May.  The previous owners left us a note with lots of useful house info and one of the things they said we should do is flush out the radiator water system before turning it on.  We just did this and now all our radiators are leaking.  Is this normal after you flush?  Help, we have no idea what we should be doing.
  • JStar JStar @ 9:58 PM
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    Is this steam or hot water. In either case, I would advise against flushing the radiators unless absolutely necessary.
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  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 10:46 PM
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    What to do with radiators before winter

    With a hot water system, the air should be bled out of the radiators, but the system should not be drained, as water does not wear out
    With steam, the low water cut off should be drained, " blown down".
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  • Gordy Gordy @ 10:49 PM
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    From where on the radiator.

    Are they radiators , or baseboard hot water heat?

    Introducing fresh water on a regular basis unnecessarily is hard on a hydronic heating system. It introduces fresh minerals, and oxygen to scale heat exchangers in the boiler, piping, and radiators.

    Once filled there is no need to flush a system at all.
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