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    Is existing boiler wrong? (4 Posts)

  • Sammy93 Sammy93 @ 8:39 PM
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    Is existing boiler wrong?

    I few years ago I purchased a foreclosed home with in-floor, radiant heat. However the heating bill has always been high and the whole system just doesn't seem right. I'm wondering if the boiler is undersized and causing high heating bills and poor operation.

    According to online sites it appears my square footage requires 34,375 BTUs, however my EMB-9 Electro-Boiler is rated for 31,000 BTUs.

    Also, my home is a slab home heated exclusively with in in floor heat and has 2 zones. However, an Electro-Boiler PDF suggests the EMB-9 the following uses...
    1) lower level, 1 zone - warm floor, also has forced air heating system
    2) garage residential 1,000 sq.ft. Max (my house is 1,2500 sq.ft.)

    It seems to me I should have the EB-S-13 with 46,000 BTUs... Electro suggests this boiler is to be used as the only heating system for slab on grade.

    Is my house fitted with the wrong boiler? Could it also be causing very high heating bills?

    Thanks, in advance, for your help!!
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  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 8:54 PM
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    Where is this installation?

    in most parts of the US -- particularly the northeast -- electric heat is no bargain, no matter what boiler is used...

    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England.

    Hoffman Equipped System (all original except boiler), Weil-McClain 580, 2.75 gph Carlin, Vapourstat 0.5 -- 6.0 ounces per square inch
  • Techman Techman @ 9:18 PM
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    Electric boiler

    As stated electric heat is pretty expensive. Have you checked the voltage in the house? 208/220/230/250 vac ? That voltage is important .
  • SWEI SWEI @ 9:51 PM
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    Is my house fitted with the wrong boiler?

    Unless your indoor temp droops on the coldest day of the year, your boiler is not undersized.

    What fuel source you should use is a tad more complex.  If you want to know for sure, will help with the math.

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