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    hydronic leaks (6 Posts)

  • doug_e doug_e @ 9:16 PM
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    hydronic leaks

    Hello gentleman,  I'm looking for some insight on a hydronic issue.  I'm responsible for maintaining several large office buildings in Detroit area.  One of which has single pipe perimeter baseboards along the entire curtain wall.  every zone is 75' long, 5 per exposure per floor for a total of about 80 zones.  every zone has a sliding expansion coupler just before entering the return line.  here lies the issue.  many of the expansion couplers are starting to leak due to age.  Ive had 5 leaks this season alone.  these couplers have a threaded packing gland I've been able to tighten to stop leaks temporarily.  I've reached out to the original provider AMTROL who quit selling these many years ago.  They suggested I contact SLANTFIN who had been their supplier, same story no longer available.  Ive search on line and thru all my local sources with no luck on suitable replacements.  Ive been told to just remove them and not to worry about the expansion which according to my calculation should be in excess of .67in heating from 75f-150f. I'm skeptical that this would be o.k.  Any insight from the experts would be helpful.
  • kcopp kcopp @ 9:20 PM
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    A series of...

    90 degree elbows would work. This would give you some flex. One up , 1 over 6", 1 down and one back to get in line.
  • doug_e doug_e @ 9:38 PM
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    hydronic leaks

    thanks for the response, ive considered that but wonder if it  would provide enough flex.  these zone are allready tight the way they're piped between vertical risers between the different floors.  im envisioning some sort of flexible stainless steel wrapped pig tail.   
  • SWEI SWEI @ 10:23 PM
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    What is the maximum fluid temp

    in the system? Is there any outdoor reset control?
  • Weezbo Weezbo @ 5:33 AM
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    How about a Dresser coupling?

    they are a tidy connector.
    perhaps there is a vic coupling.
  • Weezbo Weezbo @ 7:34 PM
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    This is what Doug found ...

    Expansion Compensators ...
    one of the product listings at BraunFlex .
    So if You have a similar need, there , could be Your solution also.
    Thank you,
    *~//: )
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