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    modular steam boilers for multifamily hi-rise (3 Posts)

  • Nusselt Nusselt @ 1:31 PM
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    modular steam boilers for multifamily hi-rise

    I am looking at a boiler upgrade for a multi-family hi-rise that currently has a 200 BHP oil-fired (No. 6) fire-tube boiler with two-pipe steam distribution. Fuel conversion is definitely on the table, and I am considering No. 2 diesel, biofuel blends, and natural gas.

    I also want to look at the possibility of replacing this fire-tube boiler with several modular boilers. I have read Dan's article on the importance of near-boiler piping and isolation on the return side, but I would like the benefit of others' experience. Does anyone know of case studies that are available, or do you have direct experience with such a conversion that you could relate?

    Also, is anyone aware of any additional challenges that a modular steam system might present for installation in NYC?
  • JohnNY JohnNY @ 3:48 PM
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    For case studies...

    ...your best bet is to contact Con Ed's Gas Conversion Group and see what they have available:

    Tel: 1.800.643.1289
  • Tim_Hodgson Tim_Hodgson @ 6:20 PM
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    Most manufacturers

    will have case studies and piping arrangements for modular steam systems. Most of the problems I have encountered are due to contractors not following the manufactures recommendations.

    Good Luck,

    Timothy Hodgson
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