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    nest thermostat (3 Posts)

  • Andrew boiler Andrew boiler @ 7:00 PM
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    nest thermostat

    is the Nest thermostat will work with just one zone?
  • Zman Zman @ 7:38 PM
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    Yes , the nest will work with a single zone system.
    Most thermostats are simple switches. When the temp gets to the set temp they close the circuit. The nest is supposed to track your habits and adjust automatically. It is still just closing a circuit nothing else.
    Carol Fey has some great books on controls in the Heating Help Store.
  • Timco Timco @ 8:16 PM
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    It's not always compatible. Will not just hook to a Triangle. Had to install a relay and transformer to get constant voltage.
    Working on steam and hot-water systems isn't rocket's actually much harder.
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