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    How Thermostat works (6 Posts)

  • Andrew boiler Andrew boiler @ 12:37 PM
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    How Thermostat works

    How does a thermostat works if I have it at 68 will it come on when it's below 68?

    I have a Honywell thermostat no idea hot to check it I need help
  • SWEI SWEI @ 12:39 PM
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    On and off

    is all a conventional thermostat can manage.  Look for a setting called swing, which determines how far above and below the setpoint the stat will wait before it turns on or off.
  • heatman101 heatman101 @ 12:50 PM
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    More info would be helpful...

    What is the t-stat doing now???
    What is the model number of the t-stat?
    By knowing these things we can help you possibly fine tune the t-stat to work more like you want it to...
  • Andrew boiler Andrew boiler @ 1:47 PM
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    How thermostat

    My thermostat is a Honeywell TH1100D1001

    Don't know that much about it
  • heatman101 heatman101 @ 2:09 PM
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    That is what your t-stat is supposed to hold.It may take a few days to get there.
    You also may be able to change the cycles setting. Check the attached installation manual for instructions for doing that.,TH1110D,TH1210D,TH2110D,TH2210DInstall4.pdf
  • VA_Bear VA_Bear @ 3:52 PM
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    Where did you find the +/-1 deg spec?

    Honeywell's manual and website do not specify the swing and electronic thermostats can vary from +/-0.5 to +/- 2 degrees.
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