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    zone valve problems (5 Posts)

  • kensethwins kensethwins @ 7:23 AM
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    zone valve problems

    The system in question has 3 erie zone valves 2 work normal the middle valve opens when the t-stat calls for heat and starts to open the motorized damper and starts the burner for maybe 2 seconds. Then the gas boiler shuts down but the zone valve stays open.I'm confused if the valve was bad why does it start the cycle everytime then shut down?
  • hot rod hot rod @ 10:07 AM
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    could be the end switch

    inside the valve is bad. The boiler will go off when it reaches temperature, of course.
  • kensethwins kensethwins @ 10:38 AM
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    zone valve issues

    Thanks Hotrod
  • Empire Empire @ 8:13 PM
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    End switch is probably bad.

    There is a micro switch on the valve and they do become corroded and sometimes will not even start the boiler at all.  Change out the power head.  Valve body can stay in place.

    Mike T.
  • kensethwins kensethwins @ 7:16 AM
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    end switch

    Thanks Mike T.
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