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    Radiant Floor Question (2 Posts)

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    Radiant Floor Question

    I am at the end of a renovation and planning to retrofit radiant heat under an 3/4" oak floor (with 3/4" sub). My HVAC friend was able to get me left over 5/8" Wirsbo hePex. I know it is meant primarily for concrete use and not necessarily for staple up, which is what I am going to do. I bought 1/2" heat transfer plates a year ago in preparation that I could sell if I don't use them. Here's my question....... do I hang the 5/8" pex or do I stick with the original plan and go out and purchase the 1/2" pex? My buddy did mention that he has friend that makes transfer plates, but I was simply going to hang them.

  • SWEI SWEI @ 4:15 PM
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    Plates and tubing

    Assuming it's actually 5/8" hePEX, I do not know of any plates which will fit it.  Anything which is made up will almost certainly be a U-plate rather than a C-plate (aka Omega plate) and would work well only if installed underneath the wood flooring, before it is installed.  1/2" barrier tubing will cost less than new plates anyway.

    What kind of plates do you have?
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