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    Wilo Stratus Installation (2 Posts)

  • Augusta07 Augusta07 @ 7:19 PM
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    Wilo Stratus Installation

    I installed a Wilo Stratus 1.25x3 30 today and it did not come with a manual so we put it on the supply side,   Infloor heat with zone valves and mod/con boiler.   What is the preferred method of control on this set up?   Supply side with Pressure change  or put it on the return side with and use temp change?
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  • SWEI SWEI @ 9:35 AM
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    Wilo Stratos

    Where is the expansion tank located?  What kind of boiler(s)?  What kind of control valves downstream of the pump in its current location?  Most applications work well with either ∆P-C or ∆P-V.  The ∆P-T mode must be activated from the IR remote and is specifically designed for returning cooler water to a heat source which benefits from that (mod/con boiler or heat pump.)
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