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    blower assembly (7 Posts)

  • Paul S Paul S @ 9:01 PM
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    blower assembly

    Doing job tomorrow, replacing blower assy. which includes replacing dual blower wheels ,shaft, brackets which hold bearings ...posted pic below of bearing ...i believe they are sleeve bearings correct me if im wrong...wanted to know if anyone has any tips on a job like this ...its a split 20 ton carrier system...thanks Paul S
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  • Techman Techman @ 6:52 AM
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    A few things

    depending, you might be in/out in a hour or maybe five. 2x4 ,4x4 ,sawzall, files, hammers, ,punches, sand cloth  , rust bust , autoball joint forkS, black pipe T - able to slide over the shaft, blk pipe nipples - longer than shaft to bearing,  rags , BIG screwdrivers, pully puller's, pipe wrenches, grease gun, oiler ,regular tool box w/ allen wrench's both metric and regular, etc.
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  • RJ RJ @ 11:25 AM
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    ball bearing and set collar      start by checking new parts make sure shaft is straight and there are keyways or flat sots in shaft. Sand and put rust dissolver on shaft by bearings, cut shaft and remove old wheels, install new wheels , slide shaft through wheels  dont forget set collars which I like on inside of bearings , you can move shaft back and forth to install bearings,   bearings are removed and instlled in bracket by turning 90 degrees,   tighten blower wheels on shaft, reinstall blower pulley
  • N/A @ 7:20 PM

    I could be wromg

       but i thought all but a few of carrier 20 ton blower's used pillow block bearings. Pack your lunch, because you will be there more than an hour. I would first make sure you have all the parts needed before starting and at-least one other tech helping you if not two.

       All I can say is better you than me. Now please correct me if I am wrong, you said you were replacing the shaft, blower wheels, bearings, belts and sheeve correct. It might be easier to remove the entire blower assembly and make your repairs outside of the air-handler.

       Now I am not pushing Carrier but they do make a very good step by step service manual on repairs for commercial products. If you are not real familiar with their product it might be worth your while on purchasing the book. Each product has a step by step pictures included repairs for their commercial product line, this is just a suggestion.

    Peace Be With You

    David Broome
  • Paul S Paul S @ 11:30 PM
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    Thanks guys for responses....David do you know name of that book Carrier makes? Thanks Paul S
  • Techman Techman @ 7:31 AM
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    blower assembly

    Forgot about AntiSieze.How long did it take, how many techs, shaft size , bearing size? I KindaSorta like doing a job like that !
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  • Mike M Mike M @ 11:55 AM
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    CV joint

    Some of the large carriers I've done have a CV joint between two shafts.  Your idea of just replacing the whole thing (shaft, bearings, blower wheels, sheave, is definitley the way to go. You wont need alot of that other stuff seeing your going to toss all but the basket housings. Plan on a day doing it. Some of the carrier shafts go large in the middle but are hollow.  Take off the top and take the baskets and all out in one piece, and work on the ground with your Saw-Zall and screw gun.  On the new shaft , the cosmoline can be removed with WD-40 and some rags.  Have new keys for the shaft also. a good staight edge to align the pulley and sheave. Amp the motor when done to make sure your under the nameplate amp draw on the motor, If not, adjust (open/close) the sheave till you are. Use Never Seize on the shaft, especially if your the one to service this equipment in the future.
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