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    Baseboards not getting hot (3 Posts)

  • MisterMac MisterMac @ 9:21 AM
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    Baseboards not getting hot

    I have oil furnace with hot water heat - radiators mass cast iron and baseboard. The baseboards just don't see to get hot at all, seems not getting their share of hot water. Attached photo shows basic Tee leading to baseboards. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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  • BB heat

    A few questions:

    - Do you have a gauge at the boiler that reads pressure?  If so, what is the pressure?

    - What kind of pump do you have?  Can you tell if it's working or not?

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  • bustoff315 bustoff315 @ 1:29 PM
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    Baseboard vent?

    Adding to Alan's questions, is there a vent on the baseboard to bleed air?
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