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    Off Topic Firewood over state lines (4 Posts)

  • billyL billyL @ 1:58 PM
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    Off Topic Firewood over state lines

    I'm live in NH and want to bring firewood to Mass. Is this agaist the law? I think Maine has a rule about this but do not know about Mass. Thanks in advance
  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 4:19 PM
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    Please don't

    I'm not absolutely sure about whether there is a law about wood from New Hampshire to Massachusetts.  If there isn't...

    But plain common sense should tell you not to even think of doing it.  There are several pests -- nifty little bugs -- which travel very happily on firewood from place to place.  Some of them -- such as the emerald ash borer -- are sufficiently nasty as to kill every single ash tree where they arrive, and then spread.

    There is ample local firewood in Massachusetts (or any New England state, for that matter) to supply all you might every need, without the risk of importing problems from somewhere else.

    So please, please, just don't do it.

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  • vaporvac vaporvac @ 4:26 PM
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    County lines, too!

    Sometimes those restrictions apply to county lines, so check that out as well.
  • MDNLansing MDNLansing @ 10:29 PM
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    Read about

    what's happened in Michigan between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. In particular the emerald ash borer and gypsy moth have caused big problems here. Previous poster is 100% correct. It's not good to do it. Law or no law.
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