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    Drain Stopper Leak (4 Posts)

  • nycpa nycpa @ 11:14 PM
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    Drain Stopper Leak

    Quick Question onBethroom Sink Leak
    Hi Guys, i know this is a heating website but got a quick question on a
    leak that is coming from the stopper valve connection of my bath room
    sink.  Its made of some cheap plastic part that loosens when water runs
    for a while then starts to leak.  I attached a picture, i plan on taking
    it to the plumbing supply store tomorrow.  Other than the small black
    pipe and a new stopper piece that goes into the pipe, do I need anything
    else?  Plan to replace with metal pipe.  I tried to tighten it but it just pops and gets loose. Thanks for the help.  

  • smklin smklin @ 11:22 AM
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    I would replace the sink drain and the piece rite below the drain it is a plastic nut and a nylon gasket in there that to me seems to also be your problem. make sure you get the gasket that adapts to 1.25 instead to 1.5.

    Did you put some kind of drain cleaner in there some products will heat up where they can melt that plastic.if you put in to much. good luck
  • Talldutch Talldutch @ 7:48 PM
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    drain stopper leak

    It sounds like the nut that holds the pop-up (stopper) was cross threaded    when you run hot water down the drain it expands and leaks  replace with brass  and your problem should be solved  Delta makes a nice one  Be prepared to pay for it   Good Luck   Marty the Plumber
  • nycpa nycpa @ 10:05 PM
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    new brass pipe

    Thanks for the reply guys, just one question I went to plumbing supply store and was sold a brass piece. The only thing is when I installed it it started to leak from right under the stopper connection. The plastic one was one piece pipe. I put teflon tape and hand tightened it. So far it's holding up. Can anyone direct me to a brass pipe that has the stopper connection ps part of the pipe as one pipe. A link would be helpful thanks
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