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  • GRP GRP @ 9:29 AM
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    Weil McLain Wall Hung WEMECO110

    Weil-McLain ECO110 Natural Gas Wall Mount Boiler--110 MBH

    • Class-Leading High Efficiency Wall Mount Boiler
    • Durable Stainless Steel Fire Tube Heat Exchanger
    • 110,000, BTUH model
    • Exceeds Energy Star requirements at 95% AFUE efficiency rating
    • Display can be mounted on the boiler or wall (up to 2’ away)
    • Components positioned for fast and easy service
    • Multiple vent configurations and material options
    • Exceeds Energy Star requirements
    • At 95% efficient,
    • Low water cut off (probe style) with test button
    • Paintable polypropylene sidewall vent termination
    • 2" and 3" concentric vent termination- for one penetration through the sidewall or roof
    • Large LCD display makes system set up and navigation simple
    • Navigate diagnostic information with simple push buttons
    • Quick set up for for heat and domestic hot water priority
    • Dispaly can be mounted in the boiler, or wall (up to 2' away)

    • Has anyone tried this model or have any comments?
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  • steveray steveray @ 5:16 PM
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    I just heard about this boiler, and set up a seminar on this the wm95 and ultra for my guys. I have some reservations about it because its so new and usually there are a lot of bugs that need to get worked out with these new boilers. The Bosch Greenstar has been on the market for years and is comparable and in the smaller outputs cheaper than this boiler. But, as I have mentioned before you can't beat Weil's tech support. The only other thing I'll say is I'm very wary of this new fad in hydronics, condensing boilers are very expensive, have a lot of moving parts, and are not as efficient as they claim when used for high temp applications. To me a chimney and a thermocouple are two of mans greatest inventions. 
  • Gordy Gordy @ 6:35 PM
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    Remember in high temp applications you dont always need say 170* average water temps for all the heating season. This is where a mod/con can save even in high temp apps. Most of the savings is in the ability to modulate the burner. The condensing is a little more icing on the efficiency cake. Being able to run avg water temps to say 140 if radiation is plentiful is a savings.
  • Ironman Ironman @ 6:04 PM
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    Is this an advertisement? It sure looks like it.

    If so, it's unethical and against site rules.
    Bob Boan

    You can choose to do what you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.
  • GRP GRP @ 6:59 AM
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    Not Advertising this product

    NO I am an installer just trying to get some feed back on this unit. It seems to be priced right at around $2600 cdn  I was hoping on getting some comments before picking one up.Thanks
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