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    GE Heatpump H50 WaterHeater piping (2 Posts)

  • vaporvac vaporvac @ 4:10 PM
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    GE Heatpump H50 WaterHeater piping

    I'm writing this for my Dad. He currently has a Burnham oil HW boiler heated with a coil. For various reasons, he would like to change over to a GE heat Pump H50 water heater. He's got a fairly good price on one and as a former GE man prefers GE products. Is this a good product? Are there any issues of which he should be aware?

    His main question deals with the piping. Is it better to pipe off of the cold water line OR off the hw line thereby using the coil to preheat the water in the winter and maybe changing over to the cold line in the summer when the boiler is shut down?

    He also has a plumber friend that says just to use the tank as a storage tank for the water from the coil, but i think that would negate the whole reason for getting the heat pump WH and wouldn't be as efficient anyway.
    Any insight would be appreciated. Colleen
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  • Weezbo Weezbo @ 11:34 AM
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    boiler coil could be a water "Preheater"

    with the boiler off . run it thru the coil cold to the other tank cold side with a check use an st 12 or so for water expansion . it may require a pop off valve installed in the coil if any valves exist before or after the coil ...install that into a T drained to the floor ...
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