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  • Sgb703 Sgb703 @ 10:27 AM
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    11 Buildings 1 boiler

    We have an apartment complex with 11 buildings and 1 steam boiler. Currently 1 building's radiators are not consistently getting heat? Have checked some traps and valves, which bring heat up temporarily, then is ceases to work again. Is there air line? Any thoughts?
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 11:57 AM
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    11 cold buildings

    What is the pressure in the system?
    How does the water return to the boiler from the outlying buildings?
    Is there a makers name to this system?
    Will the boiler run constantly until some of the radiators are satisfied, or does it short-cycle?
    What sort of control is running the boiler?--NBC
  • Pumpguy Pumpguy @ 12:07 PM
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    can you tell us

    more about this system?  How does the condensate get from the 11 buildings back to the boiler house?  What type of pumping equipment is in each building?  Are they condensate only pumps, or are they vacuum/ condensate?  What is the steam supply pressure out to the buildings?  Is this pressure reduced at each building?  If yes, to what pressure?

    From your description, it sounds to me like the system is air locked.  When air is in the system, steam can't flow into that space until the air is removed.  Depending on the type of system, this is accomplished using steam to push the air out through vents in the mains and radiators, or using vacuum pump(s) to mechanically remove the air. 

    It is also possible that an equalizer line valve is not opening, resulting in a temporary low pressure in the steam main due to an induced vacuum from condensing steam in the main.  This condition would occur when a steam zone valve closes.

    Really need more information to offer specific suggestions.
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  • jumper jumper @ 1:08 PM
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    when you check traps

    Is return line clear or filled with water? Does water pour out of radiator? Suppose return for that building is not flowing.
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