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    Radiator Gives No Heat (2 Posts)

  • SuperCK SuperCK @ 10:35 AM
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    Radiator Gives No Heat


    I'm hoping someone will be able to assist me. Here is my situation. One of my rooms does not get heat. It was working fine last year until this fall. When the heat automatically kicks in I would hear the banging hammer sound but the radaitor would be cold. It does not get any heat. I check the values on the side to ensure it was not turned off.
  • JeffM JeffM @ 11:34 AM
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    relocate for better results

    The domestic hot water section of The Wall is for hot water in the plumbing portion of your home, not the heating system. You may get a response to your heating question here but for a faster reply I would suggest that you post in the Main section where lots more people read.
    Also, you probably need to provide more info to get an informed response. Most useful is a photo of the heating unit which is cold and a photo of the boiler room, so we can tell what components you have installed.
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