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    Pulsating liquid line on shut down (3 Posts)

  • James Day James Day @ 7:10 AM
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    Pulsating liquid line on shut down

    I have a 5 ton rheem heat pump.  I came onto the job over the summer. The unit had had a leak and another contractor just filled it up and over charged the system.  I came in, recovered the refrigerant, fixed the leak,  evacuated system to 400 microns and properly charged unit.  Unit has been working fine until now.  The unit heats fine, but makes some horrible clicking/pulsating noises outside on the liquid line when the unit shuts down.  It only does it on shut down.  Any ideas?  The only thing I can think of would be the TXV in the condenser.

    Thanks, James Day
    Day Heating and A/C
  • Techman Techman @ 4:32 PM
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    What were the in/out temps w/ pressurers ? H.P. 's  should  have 3 access ports ! Clicking as in electrical? You said the unit worked ok until now. "Now" as in time or as in  ambient?
  • Spence Spence @ 12:14 PM
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    Pulsating LL

    I would make certain you don't have a stuck or leaking check valve or reversing valve. Also, make sure your TXV's feeler bulb is at either the 10 o'clock or the 2 o'clock position on the suction line.
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