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    cut my bill by 70%,Thanks Rod for your help (2 Posts)

  • jonny88 jonny88 @ 8:31 AM
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    cut my bill by 70%,Thanks Rod for your help

    I just converted .My old oil fired boiler was running me $460 p/m 12 months a year.Had a renovation done to house a few years back but typical Long Island renovation(everything bare minimum).Got in touch with a hydronic designer and we went over my situation.He did blower door test etc and we didnt do to good but minor stuff which can be fixed.Anyhow I used to be a pumpaholic until he turned me onto Caleffi.We used an IBC moulating boiler ,indirect I went with an Alliance(long island water)a couple of guys here advised me on this.I have had a lot of success with this indirect in the past.Grundfoss 2699 on indirect,1558 on primary loop and grundfoss alpha with caleffi zone valves.Rod you gave me info on my recirc line which I used and apreciate your advice.Bottom line gas bill $140.I love this new set up with intelligent pumping etc and in the future will be using it.Before I would pump on every zone etc but Im loving this set up.What beautiful products caleffi makes from their zone valves to their DHW mixing valve.Thanks to Dominic from ABCO for designing and comisioning boiler.
    Producing 4-5 gallons of condensate a day.Wife was very happy with bill as oil bill was hurting.Thanks guys.
  • Gordy Gordy @ 9:21 AM
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    Switching from oil to NG was a 75%'reduction after efficiency, and btu content is accounted for.

    That's one hell of a savings!
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