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    Thermostat or not (3 Posts)

  • bokaba bokaba @ 3:01 PM
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    Thermostat or not

    I was planning on getting an oil-filled radiator space heater for my bedroom. Would one with a digital thermostat be better than a manual thermostat (the dial with numbers)?
  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 4:57 PM
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    Probably not really...

    in principle, the digital one could maintain a slightly tighter temperature range -- at the radiator.  But there wouldn't be much difference, practically speaking.  Calibration might be a little different, too -- but you're going to set the thing at a comfortable temperature, so what the actual numbers say isn't important.

    Digitals do look cool, though...

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  • SWEI SWEI @ 6:48 PM
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    More importantly

    the Chinese manufacturers have been aggressively cheapening these things for the past decade or so.

    Try to find one with seven fins (most have five) and look out for cheesy feet or wheels.
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