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    WANTED: Honeywell L608A or L408A Vaporstat (3 Posts)

  • Binnacle Binnacle @ 6:12 PM
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    WANTED: Honeywell L608A or L408A Vaporstat

    After reading Gerry Gill's informative diatribe on the deficiencies of the redesigned Vaporstat, I'm looking to see if an old-style Honeywell L608A or L408A (breaks on pressure target) in decent condition can be bought.  If anyone is willing to part with one at a reasonable price please contact me.

    To be clear, I am not looking for a current-generation L408J model.

    I see L408Bs on eBay, but these "make" on pressure.  If someone can attest that a L408B can be modified to break on pressure please let me know.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 11:53 AM
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    Turning make into break

    can easily be done with a relay.  As long as you leave the Pressuretrol as a safety limit (manual reset would be ideal), I see no problem adding a relay to an operating control.
  • Binnacle Binnacle @ 12:36 PM
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    no relay

    Have ruled-out relay solution.  Have millivolt system and will not add requirement for external power.  Had heat last year for ten days after Hurricane Sandy while everyone else was huddled by their stoves.  Mercury switch best for millivolt (contacts corrode) so battery-relay also ruled out and another reason to not install a "J" Vaporstat.
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