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  •  B . Martino B . Martino @ 10:15 AM
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    ventless gas fireplace insert

    Can anyone tell me the code in Massachusetts for these non vented gas fireplace inserts. 
  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 10:30 PM
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    Code notwithstanding

    I wouldn't use one. Yes, they (are supposed to) have oxygen-depletion sensors, but I wouldn't want to trust my life to one.

    The only reason we'll touch one of these is to rip it out.
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  • Jack Jack @ 10:49 AM
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    Vent free

    appliances are fine when USED CORRECTLY. In Ma you have to get a permit from I believe it is both the fire dept and building dept. YOu have to have CO detectors. I'm a vented heater guy by training and inclination, but withthe lines I represented I have a lot of experience with VF. They are supplemental heat, not primariy heat. Where you get into trouble with them is when people run them like primary, as in all the time. You need ventilation and they must be kept clean. Without either of those you end up with those aldehyde odors. Personally, I can walk into a building and know if there is a vent free heater operating. Most people are not that sensitive. they are in fact very safe withthe ODS pilot set-ups. VF fireplaces MUST have their logs set precisely as directed by the manuf. Otherwise you have flame impingement and problems. I'm not a fan of the VF fireplaces but there are a LOT of them out there, so all those people must be wrong;)
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