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  • zepfan zepfan @ 9:16 PM
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    rydlyme descaler

    has anyone used rydlyme descaler, and if so what did they think of it compared to some of the products that nu-calgon  makes. we have a job where we have to clean about twenty  50 ton water cooled condensers that are not rod able, and need to be pumped clean. I have never used rydlyme but it is getting a lot of advertisement in our area. thanks to all
  • RJ RJ @ 12:05 PM
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    They say its biodegradable and non toxic, also they claim you you can get it on your hands without irritation,  I never got a chance to use it but looks like a great product
  • PZdescaling PZdescaling @ 12:56 PM
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    1st TECH

    We did using Rydlyme Descaler in the past for Marine equipment cleaning, it works well if you can manager your cleaning time correctly for certain metals material.

    In terms of the safety, we switched to using 1st Tech Biodegradable Descaler. It has almost the same performance as Rydlyme Descaler or another well known descaler Dynamic Descaler, but more safe in cleaning equipment made of multi-materials.

    Choosing a Descaler is base on your equipment materials. Be careful of the corrosion rate, make sure it works for your equipment.

    Hope this will help!
    Equipment Maintenance Consultant
    Industrial Equipment and Facilities Management Solutions
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