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    low humidity (6 Posts)

  • gory gory @ 9:37 AM
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    low humidity

    Low humidity about 7%
    My question is I have baseboard for heating and a air handler in the attic for air conditioning.
    The fan on the air handler will run (blow air only) when my baseboard heat kicks on.

    If I install a whole house humidifier will it work without any heat? (no electric heat coil)

    Hoping it helps my wife's coughing and dry nose.
  • Rich Rich @ 9:39 AM
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    Look into this

    Air Pohoda Ultima
    You didn't get what you didn't pay for and it will never be what you thought it would
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  • Spence Spence @ 1:09 PM
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    Low RH

    You do not need heat in your air handler to provide a higher humidity level. However, if you're concerned about this, here are a couple of thoughts: when the AH runs, it will circulate the room temperature air provided by your BBs. If you are concerned about the possibility of residual moisture in the ducts, try a thermostat with a "smart" fan option, which will circulate air "x" minutes per hour. The second thought would be a steam humidifier, yet be very careful about sizing it correctly. Steam is not as forgiving as are the by-pass or fan powered units.
  • Steamfitter66 Steamfitter66 @ 6:35 PM
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    I would use

    Aprilaire 760 hooked up to hot water, and Honeywell T9400 iaq T stat for automatic humidity and fan control.
  • TonyS TonyS @ 7:33 PM
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    Air Infiltration

    There are many things in your home that can suck out your humidified air and bring in fresh dry air.
    Bathroom vents, kitchen vents, clothe dryer vent, barometric checks and open air inlets on boilers,water heaters. If your air handler is in the ventilated attic and the return is not sealed, you can easily be bringing in more dry air than you are humidifying.
    People are always saying" wood heat is dry heat" as they stand in front of an open fireplace moving 500 cfm up the chimney or the woodstove drawing inside air for combustion with the little ornate pot of water on top, an exercise in futility!
    Look around and start to control your house's infiltration. Whatever lets a foot of air out also lets a foot of air in. I would close off the vents to the air handler and use a couple of smaller ultrasonic humidifiers. If you don't...when you finally get your humidity up it will condense in the cool ductwork and drip back down.
    When you take a shower dont turn on the vent. Use one of those dryer box diverters on your clothes dryer and put that moisture back in the house. If all that fails bring in a couple of big dogs, their breath brings that humidity right up   LOL.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 7:48 PM
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    One more

    When you take a bath, don't drain the water until it's cold.  Free heat and humidity.
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