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    New HydroPulse install....?? (3 Posts)

  • Alan Muller Alan Muller @ 11:09 AM
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    New HydroPulse install....??

    I sought a scrap hydroPulse boiler for parts and ended up with a new one, 1990, never before uncrated.  Seems like it deserves a clean install and that that should include a primary/secondary setup.  But, I've never seen one of these done that way.

    I'm thinking that the primary loop includes backup hi-limit, pump, flow switch (to prove the pump has actually started, as these boilers are known to be intolerant of no-flow), LWCO, two tees to system, safety valve, air vent, fill and drain, etc.  Nothing special.

    Hydrotherm says not to put the pump directly on the boiler but after the vibration isolators (piece of green hose).  I'd like to put the primary loop components on the boiler itself and the vibration isolators at the tees to the system.  What do people think about that?

    Somebody on the Wall noted that these are about the size and shape of a central vacuum unit.  True.  But with the control box on the front and the piping on the back, and leaving adequate access, the installation is not really that compact...

    Thanks for any guidance
  • jumper jumper @ 11:47 AM
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    if you use only one boiler

    Why primary secondary?
  • TonyS TonyS @ 5:26 PM
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    no significant pressure drop through a Hydro-pulse. No need for pri-sec
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