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    L8124 to l8148 wiring question (2 Posts)

  • TommyD TommyD @ 5:49 PM
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    L8124 to l8148 wiring question

    I am in the process of switching boiler controllers on my Utica furnace. I am switching from a n L8124 to an L8148A and all of the terminals line up except one.... On the current L8124 there is a red wire from my amtrol boiler mate that is going to a terminal labeled ZR. Does anyone have a suggestion on what thermal this should go to on the L8148 as there is no Z terminals at all???

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 6:59 PM
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    Did you replace this to mainly make the boiler cold start? That could have been done by removing a wire without changing the control. You need to attach the ZR to the temp block terminal. There should be 2 screw terminals. One has a blue wire, the other a red wire. It should be the red wire that you want to piggy back it with. I may be 50% right, but been a long time. That is a lousy control you are upgrading to. If you do this, make sure the HI limit shuts the burner off. If it is not right terminal, it will go into steam
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