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    mpo water boilers (4 Posts)

  • Paul Paul @ 1:29 PM
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    mpo water boilers

    anybody have gurgling water air noises running thru mpo 147 oil boilers? new system \, has air scrubber, purged many times, not over riding in tempeture. piped to specs. 
  • Weezbo Weezbo @ 8:15 PM
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    maybe shut down the boiler and system . bump boiler relief , let the spirovent do its thing valve off the boiler and purge the field again ..
    hope that helps.

    sometimes i will wire the system circ to run while purging to listen for any air ..
  • Paul Paul @ 7:36 PM
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    thx for reply. this has a honeywell style air scrubber that looks like spirovent and i have yet heard it spit out any air. i know the spiro vent will as your filling and purging system. the honey weell is silent the whole time and i was questioning the operation. the prv is tied right into bottom and i still dont hear any thing when filling or running. also pumping away. very frustrating.could it be so slow that you dont hear it?
  • Weezbo Weezbo @ 10:17 PM
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    The honeywell has a cap,

    unlike the black iron 1/2' CAP you would use for testing the system prior to purging ...
    so maybe you only need adjust that cap and it was a minor oversight ...

    using a fill to purge is not really great a wayne pump or something that gets individual loops purged , filled and gated and zoned off is much better way to roll ,
    if you gate off the circ , and fill from the lowest tap on the boiler while 'Cold" then the honeywell will see the air racing at it and get rid of the boiler side air pretty quick rolling the zones one at a time from the lowest to the highest level also helps isolate air to a high point vent ,coin vent or Station purge in the case of radiant.

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