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    Rinnai Recall from 2008! (3 Posts)

  • RinnaiRecall RinnaiRecall @ 9:40 AM
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    Rinnai Recall from 2008!

    Hello Folks,

    I live in New York City (Brooklyn, specifically) and there's one heater in the apartment, a Rinnai 431-FAIII-N. Turns out, yup, the unit was recalled in 2008 for a potentially faulty gasket:

    Thanks landlord! And I figured it out right before nearly zero temperatures this weekend. Obviously we've been using it for years with no problem, but I want to get a technician in ASAP with the fix.

    I called Rinnai and they are happy to send out the fix kit to the technician of my choice, however, helping me find one is not something they seem to be able to do. There's one Rinnai authorized service provider in NJ, but they aren't licensed in New York city so they turned me down for the job.

    Any help with finding the right guy or gal to fix our heater properly? I obviously want someone familiar with the whole shebang. Thoughts?

    Thanks everybody!
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  • Sal Santamaura Sal Santamaura @ 11:47 AM
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    Scroll to the top of this page...

    ...and click on "Find a Contractor."  Plug in your Zip Code and the answer(s) will be provided.
  • Jack Jack @ 12:02 PM
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    Call 1 800 621-9419 and tell Rinnai the model and serial number (on the gray strip on the lower side of the unit) they will pull up the number, arrange repair and pay for the repair. If there are more of these in the building Rinnai will want to do the same with all affected units. If so, please let your landlord know.

    The serial number can be hard to read depending upon position. I find having a flashlight helps.
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