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    System 2000 Converted to Gas with Carlin Ez Burner (7 Posts)

  • mswol767 mswol767 @ 8:22 AM
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    System 2000 Converted to Gas with Carlin Ez Burner

    Hey Guys- Hoping you could provide some help regarding my furnace. Last year I had my Systems 2000 Oil unit converted over natural gas. I purchased the burner directly from Systems 2000 set up for my unit.

    The problem I'm having now is the following: When the unit is calling for heat it starts and stops about 20 seconds before it fires again. Unit has no issue heating the house its about 18* here in CT today.

    I just feel like the burner should stay lit till the water temp is satisfied. I see no error or blinking lights on the unit either.

  • JStar JStar @ 6:59 AM
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    Compare the wiring diagram with the way the burner is wired. The Carlin gas burner needs a constant hot wire for pre purge and post purge. Did the installer do that??
    The oil burner did not need this but the gas burner needs a limit circuit and a constant hot to run properly. I think it is starting and stopping to inatialize the control.
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  • mswol767 mswol767 @ 2:22 PM
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    Ez gas

    The unit has been operating great for 7 months just now it started to act up. I don't know if a combustion test was ever completed by installer, but now they are MIA!

    Yesterday I cleaned the flame sensing rod and it seem to help a lot! Today, it seems to be going back to the old problem again though.

    The burner has the scale at 10% for the air band setting, but everywhere I'm readingĀ  says it should be at 20. Im tempted to buy my own combustion tester off ebay and see what the numbers are.

    Would to little or to much air cause the burner to create soot?

  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 8:20 PM
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    how is

    the puff switch wired in?
  • mswol767 mswol767 @ 8:16 AM
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    I finally found the original install instructions from System 2000. My Carlin was actually purchased directly from them as they complete the required mods before shipping.

    The key thing I believe the installer missed was the following: When he installed the new flue liner he added a new draft control. My old unit did not have one installed. The instruction set provided by Systems 2000 clearly states that NO draft control should be installed in bold and underlined.

    I blocked off the draft control and burner ran fine and seem much quieter then unusual.

    Hope this is the fix!
  • Weezbo Weezbo @ 8:49 PM
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    system 2000 does not sell parts and pieces to just anyone .
    there is a reason for that .
    i have never done a gas conversion from an oil burner on one of them yet , if you say the work was done by a company that installed the burner , then they vanished find another company that installs them and have them come over to tune it up. do not go about "Fixing" this on your own without a testo , e meter insight or means of making very fine distinctions of the combustion parameters.

    what you did could jepordize your life and your family . get on the phone today and get it done.

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