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    Thanks JStar/Ecuacool! (4 Posts)

  • AaronH AaronH @ 9:49 AM
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    Thanks JStar/Ecuacool!

    I need to post a big thanks to Joe from Ecuacool (JStar) for coming out to our house this morning to make an adjustment on our oil burner after sending him an email over the weekend. His prompt response, service and professionalism is greatly appreciated!
    2001 Weil McLain SGO-3 Steam Boiler/Beckett AFG oil burner. Vaporstat running at 1.0psi max. Single-pipe, counterflow system (w/near-boiler drips) connected to 8 radiators heating 1400sq/ft (2 stories) in Central NJ, built in 1915. Bock 32e Oil-Fired H/W heater w/Wayne burner. Lots to do and getting there slowly.
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    He is

    Obviously very qualified!!
  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 8:51 PM
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    always good to hear

    some praiseĀ from a customer, as this can be a thankless job at times. Kudos Jstar
  • JStar JStar @ 6:26 AM
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    Anything for a fellow Wallie.

    Good thing you emailed me, too, as our phone system was acting funny for a few days,
    - Joe Starosielec

    Guaranteed performance. Guaranteed energy savings.

    Serving all of NJ, NYC, Southern NY State, and eastern PA.
    Consultation anywhere.
    (Formerly "ecuacool")
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