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    Life Expectancy of VDT (3 Posts)

  • Rich Davis Rich Davis @ 11:11 AM
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    Life Expectancy of VDT

    Just wondering what is the average life of a 00VDT circ. I designed and installed a hydronic system a couple years ago, I have a TT PS60 1 zone and 4 loops using a VDT circ. With this cold weather the boiler hasn't shut down, water temp is 160 and thermostat hasn't reached set temp. Anyway was wondering if I should have a spare circ, just in case, haven't had any problems but, was just wondering. Thanks.
  • Like anything mechanical,

    it might be one year, it might be 10 years.  Especially with the variable speed, delta T pumps; they haven't been around that long.

    If it were my system and I lived in a cold climate, I'd install one in series with the one you have along with isolation valves so that it is ready to go when the other pump fails.  Or have both pumps on-line with a lead-lag control that switches duty between the two, switching every day or so. They would both get equal use and the likelihood of both of them failing at the same time is slim.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
  • Dave H Dave H @ 2:18 PM
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    As Alan said, it depends and there are too many variables as to why a component may fail.

    With that being said, the 00-VDT has been around for about 10 years already. It is based upon existing 00 circulator design. The only thing different between the two is the on-board controller and the sensors.
    If needed, is can be repaired using standard replacement parts from 00's.

    Dave H.
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