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    Does anyone have any contacts w/ NY METS org? Mad Dog (5 Posts)

  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 12:51 PM
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    Does anyone have any contacts w/ NY METS org? Mad Dog

    Hey folks! Happy new year. My close Conan Ford's (bennington VT) Nephew Christopher Miller(7 yrs old) perisished on New Years Day in a tragic house fire in Elmhurst Queens, NY. His older brother, Matthew Miller (13) is fighting for his life at Weil Cornell Burn Unit in NYC with burns on 60% of his young body. He is in induced semi-coma and fighting an epic and glorious battle. Prayers are in order. The boy is a RABID Mets fan. He needs "ammo" to fight the good fight. Any leads would help and I will pursue. Thank you all and God Bless Matt "Mad Dog" Sweeney
  • bill bill @ 12:54 AM
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    About Matthew

    I don't have any contacts with the Mets. What I do know is all MLB teams have a staff that deals in just what Matthew needs.
    My suggestion is to get on the Mets website, click on community,click on Mets foundation, scroll to contact, and then send feedback.
    Now don't be shy. I read the paper. This is horrible.
    I would be shocked if the Mets didn't respond.
    Good for you Matt! (both of you)
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 5:17 AM
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    Thank you Bill! Mad Dog

    Going to do that now buddy. Mad Dog
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 5:29 AM
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    Boy! That was simple enough Bill

    Now I hope they can do something on their end. He's undergoing skin grafts right now. Everyone please keep in your prayers. Way back when I was a pup, we knew Mrs Payson (Mets owner back then). She owned alot of Thoroughbred racehorses and we all worked at the Track. My father was a paddock and patrol judge and he would see her all the time. She use to let us use her luxury(not by todays standards!) box when she was outta town. A real lady! Thanks again Bill. Mad Dog
  • Tim Tim @ 11:02 AM
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    Were you able to get the assistance you needed?

    My son in law, has played for the Mets in the past, and I believe he still has friends there, please contact me if you if you need help.

    I'm not sure about the Mets, but most, if not all, of our Royals players are SOUTH for the off season.

    Prayers sent his way.

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