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    Riello Burner making noise (5 Posts)

  • RRyan83 RRyan83 @ 9:05 PM
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    Riello Burner making noise

    Hello, I have a Riello F40 Oil Burner and it is making a intermittent noise. After inspection with a friend we 'think' that the coupling is bad. Seems pretty easy to fix but can't find a place inside the United States that has the part. I'm not even sure what part I need. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated....Thanks, Rob
  • STEVEusaPA STEVEusaPA @ 9:25 AM
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    Whatchya need....

    Is to call a qualified tech.  Could be something completely different.  A Riello burner needs the right person and it will run great.  Or the wrong person and it won't.  The adjustments between the 2 are very minor.  You need the right training, skill, and experience or you will waste time and become very aggravated.
    Riello pumps don't have a coupling, which is why you cant find one.  But the part you do need is readily available.
  • earl burnermann earl burnermann @ 9:36 AM
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    riello pump couplers

    Riellos do have pump couplings. But they are one piece and very compact. I have never had to change one yet. If you are hearing a screeching type of noise the motor may be on its way out.
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  • STEVEusaPA STEVEusaPA @ 10:42 AM
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    Yes Earl.....

    Was just making a point that its called something else, which is why he couldn't find one and a qualified tech would know that :)
  • Weezbo Weezbo @ 5:27 PM
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    one thing as with all oil burners

    with removable covers is that you can remove the cover take it outside and clean it periodically.
    like us it needs to be able to breath , it has a bit of a dust collector in the box and it is black . if it looks brown or any other colour it is probably going to be able to breath better just by cleaning it ....

    give that a try ...
    it cannot hurt it to do that much ...

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