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  • add add @ 10:08 AM
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    ironfireman coupling

    Hi , I am having a hard time to find a  Guardian-20 or -30 for a  ironfireman pump coupling any info on who carries it, or can i use another brand that is similar,  Rockland cty area , New York,Thanks.
  • Empire Empire @ 1:30 PM
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    Add, do you mean a spring coupling for pump?

    Mike T.
  • add add @ 6:36 PM
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    not a spring coupling

    In actuality is like a residential  coupling made out of hard rubber,but much thicker in diameter that you can cut down to your lenght. The set screws on each end are made of metal( pump side and burner motor side).I'll probably order directly from Guardian (there is minimum to spend in order to buy directly). Thank you.
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