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    Theory behind parallel hydronic heating (3 Posts)

  • Jojo94 Jojo94 @ 11:16 AM
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    Theory behind parallel hydronic heating

    Hi all. I was wondering if anybody out there can explain to me The theory behind how hot water flows from one end of the radiator to the other in a parallel system. My system has one circulated loop that goes around the whole basement. Each radiator is tapped off this loop. As the water flows around the loop it gets to the first tee which goes into the radiator Supply which is on the high side of the radiator. Then after water flows through the radiator it returns back down to the loop from the low side of the radiator A few feet further down on the primary loop in the basement. Because this is not a series circuit what principal causes the water to gravitate up into the radiator and then back down a few feet further. I'm sure my teacher probably covered this Wayback then in high school but I probably wasn't paying attention at the time because I didn't think you would ever be that important to me. Advanced thanks for the help. Joe
  • Zman Zman @ 11:25 AM
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    Mono flow

    It sounds like you have a monoflow system. Each tee is specially designed to divert some of the water through the radiator.
    You should be able to find some free articles in the resources section.
    Dan's books are also a great source of info of you are looking for a more thorough explanation.
  • Jojo94 Jojo94 @ 8:57 PM
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    Mono flow

    Thanks Carl. Something new I've learned today. After taking a closer look at them tee's I noticed that they had arrows on them. I will do some more research now on Mono Flow Systems to get a better insight. Thanks again
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