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    Another School Poisoning (2 Posts)

  • Jim Davis Jim Davis @ 12:22 PM
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    Another School Poisoning

    Well the CO alarms in the school were going off Tuesday, Jan. 14. in Lynn, MA.  The fire department had all the kids and teachers move to the third floor because the alarms were going off there yet.  After 45 minutes they decided going outside might be better.  Heating equipment was cleaned and checked.  Thursday Jan. 16, the alarms were going off again.  Now they think it was kitchen equipment. 
    This one didn't make Google for some reason but it did make their local papers.
    No one was treated for CO poisoning but then no one was probably checked.
  • gerralstufler gerralstufler @ 4:00 AM
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    There is a possibility of false alarm. It may happen that some mischievous student are purposely doing it.   
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