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    Burner regulation (5 Posts)

  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 9:22 AM
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    Burner regulation

    Could a burner be adjusted by analysis of its sound of combustion (like tuning motorcycle engines in the old days)?
    A computer could analyse the sound and make changes in the mixture as an ongoing process, for clean burning.--NBC
  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 1:23 PM
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    I used to do a pretty decent job

    tuning my muscle car that way... ('66 Buick Gran Sport, Stage II)!

    The idea I've thought of is similar -- although a little more 21st century.  Why not use an oxygen sensor (yeah, I know they are expensive) on the stack?  Seems to me that one could do that, and probably be able -- with a little computer hardware and some servos -- to get a pretty decent turn down on either oil or gas that way.

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  • SWEI SWEI @ 2:19 PM
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    O2 sensor on the stack

    aka lambda control, is relatively common on large BTU burners in restrictive jurisdictions (SCAQMD comes to mind.)  Viessmann also does it on all their current gas burners.
  • JStar JStar @ 8:12 PM
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    Is that why you can't field adjust them? Only worked on one in the last year. Too few to know the little quirks.
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  • Chris Chris @ 10:11 PM
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    No Need To Adjust

    With Lamda on Vitodens, the boiler is able to adjust gas independent of air. It will always burn clean. Has to. If combustion came out of the range, burner would shut down. Here is the other thing that is missed when it comes to Lamda. CONDENSING!!!!!!!

    If have Vitodens out there pouring at 160 supply. Why, lamda...
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